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Advice from Adobe: Think big, start small, iterate often

**This webinar has passed**

The steps organizations take to achieve Data Intelligence may differ. But the overall goal remains the same; giving teams access to the trusted data they need to move the business forward. On December 11 at 11:00 am EST, Simmi Bhargava will tell Adobe’s story, explain the steps they took to achieve Data Intelligence, and walk through some of the bumps they hit along the road.

In addition, Simmi will discuss:
  • What problems Adobe was trying to solve
  • How the team adapted their scope and strategy as the project gained momentum
  • Where they saw success and failure, and how they moved forward
  • What their version of success looks like
Register for this webinar to learn how to ask the right questions to set up your program for long-term success with a solution that can grow alongside your business.